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Relearn your ABC's

Hi there!
I'm Gabrielle


I am a naturopath based in Montreal. My goal is to improve overall quality of life and vitality, as well as target the root cause of symptoms in order to restore balance, peace of mind and a sense of empowerment for my clients. Contact me below for more information.

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The ABC Lifestyle

The ABC Lifestyle is a term coined by Gabrielle to highlight the 3 pillars in optimizing overall vitality and enhancing your quality of life for the long run.


These foundational elements are also the key to addressing symptoms and conditions that are being experienced. ​


We take a deep dive during our very first session to understand and apply these to your specific situation.


From Nature I was crafted,

and back to Nature I go to reconnect to myself.


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I’ve learned a great deal from Gabrielle about achieving better health, a balanced diet and body. Through her recommendations I’ve found a path to a food lifestyle that feels great, both physically and mentally. On a personal level, Gabrielle is very patient, caring and she takes an individual approach to each person she is dealing with. I have witnessed hers, mine and quite a few other people’s health improvement by following the methods Gabrielle is suggesting. Typically, the results are long-term and the change once implemented, easily turns into good habits and a healthy lifestyle that I personally fell in love with.

- Neli

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